Good Homework Excuses

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Or, you come up with a question to your teacher, like “should students have homework?

I think homework should be banned.” Maybe, somewhere in our world this would work out well.

We are all aware that students are very busy people having little time to spare, even less for doing boring homework tasks. The only way out is to come up with a plausible excuse and spare yourself of performing homework or at least postpone it until better times.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned, teachers often assign way too much leaving thus no way possible to do it all, if you are not a genius, or at least a nerd. By the way, if you by accident decided to do the homework, check our tips how to save time and do it faster and better.

Just for interest, what are the real causes of students not doing homework?

Well, pupils and students are quite an incomprehensible crowd.

It's a bit of a smartass statement, but, it will probably do - Epic Horror Master I Left It at Home This one is realistic.

- Black Angel_Zombie Boy My school either makes me do it at break times or even on the weekends so I don't think this really works in my school When I don't do it I leave it at home, tell them I left it, nothing happens to me, I do it later that day I'm pretty sure we have all said this before.

Well, if you didn’t do your homework you could have just said your dog ate it. These are terrible homework excuses, be sure never to use single one of them! You haven’t done your homework and come up to the teacher, like: No additional comments needed. “I spilled the water/coffee/fish soup all over my homework.” Most probably your teacher will say you should have been more cautious and not let this happen. However, the point of this article is to provide you with beneficial strategy, so let’s proceed.

Sure, there are lots of options on how to avoid bad consequences.


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