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Typical incentives could include innovative materials, new ways of playing a game, adapted sports facilities, or a smartphone app that records the amount of activity a person does each day.

Typical incentives could include innovative materials, new ways of playing a game, adapted sports facilities, or a smartphone app that records the amount of activity a person does each day.Innosport NL, with its Inno Sport Labs, is a joint venture of universities, the business community and the sports world.We invite analytical research on any single sport or across sports or esports that seeks to improve our understanding of the game or strategies for improving a team or a league.

Submission of other performance analysis in sport topics are also welcomed and encouraged to be discussed with the Editors.

Keywords: notational analysis, tactics, technique, match analysis, player’s tracking, player’s/team’s performance Important Note: All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the section and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements.

But supporting the sports sector also has economic and public health benefits.

Every year, businesses invest millions of euros in amateur and elite sport, often as sponsors.

This Research Topic will concentrate on the analysis of teams’ and players’ performance, and their practical applications.

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The evolution of this discipline from static analyses ( data from matches or competitions) to dynamic and complex analyses (e.g.the study of sport, match and task complexity) has enabled a greater understanding of sports, training processes, control of competition and the performers.The present Research Topic offers an opportunity for the scientific discussion of performance in team, dual or individual, and less studied sports (e.g.padel, rugby 7, beach soccer, etc.) in terms of psychological, pedagogical and training approaches.Sport has significant economic impact through, for example, innovative sports products, events and facilities.The government promotes innovation and sports research with a view to helping elite athletes get better results and promoting participation in sports.Research of an empirical nature, qualitative, quantitative or mixed analyses, and case studies involving elite athletes will be considered.Longitudinal or cross-sectional studies that track season by season performances or differences among countries/continents/cultures will also be considered.The aim of this Research Topic is to collate applied research from experts within the field of performance analysis in sport.Therefore, we call upon all researchers to submit their work on any of the following topics:• Performance analysis in female sports.• Sport analytics and big data applied to performance analysis in sport.• New technologies measuring and analysing sport performance.• Non-linear approaches in sport performance.• The importance of reliability and validity of data measurement in performance analysis in sport.• The use of performance indicators in sport.• Performance profiling techniques in sport.• The impact of contextual variables in sport.• Measurement and analysis of physical, technical and tactical behaviours in sport.• Tactics and positional data for performance analysis in sport.• Influences of physical, emotional or psychological stress on sport performance.• The role of the coach on player and team performances.• Performance analysis of referees/officials in sports.• Impact of referee/official’s performance on team/athlete behaviours.


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