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Evocative words that arouse the senses—touch, sight, smell, etc.—are indicators of imagery at work.

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Identifying an ethical appeal will be of particular use to readers when analyzing the work of the ancients.

Example: Consider the overlap between diction and appeal.

However, these 15 terms are some of the must-know concepts necessary for success in the English Literature exam.

I personally found writing the words and their definitions over and over again, an approach known as inculcation, to be the best way for me to master this vocabulary before I took the AP English Literature exam.

When facing a large vocabulary list such as this one, it’s easy to look at and consider it as a whole, a practice that creates a lot of unnecessary stress.

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Compartmentalization is a very useful study skill we can employ in exploring AP English Literature rhetorical terms. Try to think of these terms as independent parts that must be placed in different compartments so that they can be easily called up when they’re needed.

The repetition of the same initial consonants of words or of stressed syllables in any sequence of neighboring words Purpose: Alliteration highlights a particular part of a piece through the repetition of initial consonants.

The repetition of certain sounds creates emphasizes not only the words in the passage themselves but on the pattern, creating a musical effect.

Example: An everyday example of an analogy that appears as a simile is “nails on a chalkboard.” Readers understand the assaulting sound of nails on a chalkboard and are encouraged to liken it to some new occurrence that is assaulting or annoying.

A device used to create contrast by placing two parallel but opposite ideas in a sentence Purpose: Antithesis literally means opposite, but the rhetorical definition calls for parallel structures of contrasting words or clauses.


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