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Responsibility and initiative are learned through a gradual process of guidance and reward.As your own child takes on more responsibilities, he will probably have periods of acting irresponsibly, procrastinating and dawdling. During these times you need to step in and, with encouragement and gentle guidance, point him in the right direction.

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Nevertheless, those who are open-minded perceive the sharing of chores to be normal.

In this regard, those spouses with progressive attitudes are more likely to share housework equally.

Recent research strongly suggests that the macro level factors, particularly those that are related to gender inequalities, play a significant role in the distribution of housework between spouses (Cuvillier 22).

People are automatically stuck in rigid gender roles since their childhood.

Sometimes parents may demand too much of their children, or may see a problem in everything their children do.

They may burden them with too many responsibilities - an unfair number of chores, excess hours of taking care of younger siblings or a too rigorous schedule of after-school activities.You should have a good sense of your child's style, and shape your expectations accordingly.Children need to have some obligations and duties within the family, or they will not learn to accept responsibility.During the middle years of childhood most youngsters can help clean their rooms, make their beds, pick up their toys, and help out in the kitchen or the yard. These daily chores and responsibilities are an important part of learning that life requires work, not just play.Normally, of course, children are still preoccupied with their desire to have fun.This increases the demand for labor in female occupations.While women’s participation in the labor force has been increasing rapidly, the household division of labor is yet to have a matching change.Figuring out the right amount of responsibility is a balancing act. Between schoolwork, learning to deal with social situations, and, for many kids, their many extracurricular involvements, kids have very little “down” time. At the same time, teaching children life skills (and I'm talking kids of both sexes here, by the way) has a number of benefits: Think about the benefits of family responsibilities as more than just learning survival skills. Participating in family responsibilities helps a child develop essential social skills.The ongoing changes in marital roles have been instigated by economic growth and the shift from manufacturing to service industries.When that happens, children may feel overwhelmed and resist taking on any responsibilities at all.Parents need to guard against this kind of overloading, while still making sure that their youngsters are assuming an appropriate level of responsibility.


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