How Important Are College Supplemental Essays

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If you intend to study a humanities subject such as Journalism, Creative Writing, or English, and list writing-oriented extracurricular activities such as your school newspaper or Language Arts tutoring on your application, your essay needs to reflect your talent and chosen major.

Be serious if the moment calls for it but feel comfortable being playful if that suits you, too.”In addition to “Why Tufts,” the application also asks students to explore their background by writing about a Quaker saying, “Let your life speak.” Students are then asked to answer one more question from a list of six that range from, “Celebrate the role of sports in your life” to a Nelson Mandela quote followed by the question “Describe a way in which you have made or hope to make a difference.”Tufts includes examples of what its admissions office considers “past essays that mattered” on it’s website at

However, you should still aim to write a strong essay.

If anything, it will only complement the talent you have already conveyed with the rest of your profile — and it never hurts to impress the admissions committee.

The importance of your essay also depends on you personally as a candidate.

For the student who otherwise presents a strong profile, with a high GPA, competitive test scores, and stellar extracurricular activities, the essay is unlikely to have a big impact on your overall application, because you have already demonstrated your ability to succeed.


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