How To Get Your Teenager To Do Homework

How To Get Your Teenager To Do Homework-30
Have your child read for the hour or work on puzzles.Have a set of these “other” projects already decided on; don’t wait until the day comes to figure something out.

Have your child read for the hour or work on puzzles.

It is not our responsibility to correct the whole assignment to make sure the work is perfect.

That is part of learning and a responsibility our children need to learn.

A radio station tuned between channels and turned down low may create a good white noise base as well. He has an hour after getting home to relax and refocus, then one hour of study, and then just before bed he does a half-hour review during which we go over what he studied.

This helps reinforce what he learned and helps him to feel he has accomplished his work for the day.

A friend of mine found with her daughter that a white noise of ocean sounds and storm (thunder and rain) helped her child. Be willing to experiment, and when you find an atmosphere that seems to work, stick with it.

Some other suggestions to try would be electric fans in the room, which create an ambient white noise.Having a place to study and a good environment to study in is great, but our children need more sometimes.I find that general task assignments, such as ‘do your homework’, or ‘clean your room’ overwhelm my son quickly.I do this so he has reason to go to the mail slot every day.I put his lunch money in the slot so that he has reason to go to it every morning.This helps alleviate one of the suggested causes of sleep problems with ADHD children; when they lay down in the darkness they tend to begin going over their day, and worrying on uncompleted tasks, which they can no longer do anything about.I read this some time ago when he was having trouble falling asleep and found that a half hour spent with him just before bed going over his homework set his mind at ease.All these gentries did was put him to sleep, which was great for bedtime, but not for study time.I did find that some ambient/techno music, a type of music based on beat and repeating rhythms, worked very well as background sound.We placed it so that it is very close to being the first thing he sees coming in and the last thing he sees going out.The geometry may be a bit challenging in your house but even if you can’t get ‘optimum placement’ such a central place for him will be very helpful.


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