How To Right A Research Paper

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With the notes you took down, you can start brainstorming where the topics and supporting information best fit.

They don’t necessary have to be structured in a sentence, as this is only the “brainstorming” part. This is a crucial part and may take longer than the other steps, but it’s well worth the time and effort, because this is the foundation of your final research paper.

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You may do more necessary research along the way if you feel like your information is lacking.

And relax—this is only the first draft, so you can still change things around.

Choosing a topic that doesn’t interest you much might not give that motivation to do effective research.

Also remember to be specific when selecting a topic.

Try asking the librarians for their help conducting the most effective research as possible as well; that’s why they’re there!

And you can take those lessons on with you as you continue researching at home.


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