How To Solve Debt Problems

Once you’ve got a handle on your current debt, you need to commit to not taking on new debt in order to break the cycle. But a nice way to start is removing your credit cards from your wallet so they aren’t accessible.

Also, it's important to focus Get organized with your debt by using a debt tracker. To learn how to get out of debt, you'll need to cut back on “fun stuff” (Postmates, shopping, Starbucks) AND your fixed living expenses (rent, bills, gas, groceries etc.) It's way more fun to negotiate bills you have to pay anyway than cutting out lattes.

On paper or in an excel spreadsheet copy down all of the information and get a total, accurate picture of your debt: consumer debt (credit cards), student loans, or medical bills. I know how much you love those things, but do you love them more than the peace of debt freedom? If you're able to reduce your monthly expenses even a little, make sure to use the extra money to pay off debt.

So how do you get to that 20% number if you've never really been good at saving? You connect the app with your primary checking account (the one you do all of your saving out of.) Then technology analyzes your spending to determine small amounts it can save for you (automatically) so that you don't feel it.

We're talking anywhere from .53 cents to 3.00 each time.

the one that you hate the most or the one that charges the most interest, it's because it just feels good to take these out one by one.

Psychologically, you're much more likely to stick with something you feel successful at than when you feel like you're failing. Here are five easy things to cut when paying off debt.As an added bonus, by identifying expenses you don't need, you'll be able to quickly find ways to save money each month, too. In order to find out how you got into debt, you'll need to dig through a few months of spending.While it might not seem like a debt solution, you’ve got to change that attitude first.Here are a few other ways to stay motivated when you're trying to figure out how to manage debt problems: Scrounging up extra cash to pay off debt is as easy as selling your valuable, gently used items.Click here to order a thred UP closet cleanout , or click here to learn more about consigning high-dollar designer items with The Real Real.(Or more, it depends on if you make a lot of large expenses!) After a month, all those small bits can add up to something really great.Set up an automatic transfer to your credit card or loan account to avoid the temptation to spend extra cash.lower your interest rates and your monthly payment, but you'll still have to pay the debts each month to remain in good standing. This is why I emphasize earning extra cash via side hustles so much.If one credit card is such a nuisance that you’ve nicknamed it “the Soul Sucking Scumbag”, you’ll want to put that first.There's a reason many personal finance experts recommend paying the smallest debt balance first, (vs.


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