How To Solve Percentages Problems

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Analysis: In this problem, you are being asked 8 is what percent of 20?

You are given two numbers from the proportion above and asked to find the third.

They do it by picking and choosing when to use relative numbers versus absolute numbers: In the United States, those classified as "black" comprise about 12% of the population, while those classified as "white" comprise about 75% of the population.

Since "whites" outnumber "blacks" by more than six to one, it is only reasonable that there would be more "whites" on welfare than "blacks" — in absolute numbers.

What will be the world population in 5 years if we assume that these rates of increase will stay constant for the next 5 years.

In previous lessons, you were shown how to convert a decimal to a percent and a percent to a decimal.Thus, if you were asked to Find 15% of 120, you would multiply .15 by 120, to get an answer of 18.But what would you do if you given this problem: 8 is what percent of 20?The percent is the unknown quantity in this problem. Identify: The phrase 8 is means that 8 is the part.The phrase what percent tells us that percent is the unknown quantity.Every statement of percent can be expressed verbally as: "One number is some percent of another number." Percent statements will always involve three numbers. Thus the statement, "One number is some percent of another number.", can be rewritten: "One number is some percent of another number.", becomes, "The part is some percent of the whole." From previous lessons we know that the word "is" means equals and the word "of" means multiply.Thus, we can rewrite the statement above: The statement: "The part is some percent of the whole.", becomes the equation: the part = some percent x the whole Since a percent is a ratio whose second term is 100, we can use this fact to rewrite the equation above as follows: the part = some percent x the whole becomes: the part = x the whole Dividing both sides by "the whole" we get the following proportion: Since percent statements always involve three numbers, given any two of these numbers, we can find the third using the proportion above. Problem 1: If 8 out of 20 students in a class are boys, what percent of the class is made up of boys?I would posit that any family on welfare is a tragedy, and that the legal structure of the economy should be changed to allow more opportunities for advancement.But others with a vested interest in the status quo just squabble over how the present system, and thus their power base, should be expanded.One of their techniques is to argue for more benefits for "their" group, while claiming that "their" group shouldn't be blamed for the problem.How can they do this, when they're using the same statistics each time?


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