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The introduction should summarize that research much more briefly and should not include the numbers of citations, etc. Think of all that you have learned about writing an introduction to an essay or paper as you went through your undergrad and graduate work.You learned what an introduction should include – an engaging and compelling opening statement that immediately piques the interest of the reader, and, in that same paragraph, your thesis statement.How to Write a Dissertation Abstract Although placed at the front of the dissertation after the title page or abstract, the contents page is usually written last in the dissertation; it lists the starting pages for the different sections.

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As you write your introduction, keep these things in mind: If you use this checklist, review the introductions that others in your field have written, and understand that you will be writing many drafts before you get one that works, you will have an introduction that works.

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First, it must be understood that the introduction should be written last – after the dissertation is fully completed. Because until that work is complete, it will be difficult to have the holistic picture, so that you can prepare a reader for what is to come.

This does not mean, though, that you don’t think about your dissertation introduction during the production process.

But the dissertation introduction is more nebulous.

It doesn’t have a specific, detailed description of what should be included.

That proposal “introduced” your advisor or committee to your project and contained many of the same sections that will be in your introduction – a clear statement of the research question, a justification of the importance of that question, how you intend to go about answering that question through the methodology you have designed, and how you intend to analyze the results of your research.

The one thing your proposal includes that your introduction will not is a more detailed summary of the literature you had reviewed up to that point.

Others present a sequential argument from which a conclusion is deduced, such as a point-by-point critique of an author’s work.

Especially at lower levels such as BA, many dissertations consist of secondary research (drawing new conclusions from already published primary research), or even tertiary research (assessing existing secondary research, such as surveying the impact of an author’s research in the literature).


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