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Another important rule is that the data presented in figures or tables should not be repeated in the text.You should refer to the appropriate figure or table in the text as you are describing your work, but don't make the reader read the same data twice. Papers can be divided roughly into two categories, namely original research papers and survey papers.

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It is probably the most important section of the paper, because here you demonstrate how well you understand what you have done. Here you should briefly describe what is the next logical step to take, given what you have learned from the analysis of your results. Your paper should include a minimum of three (3) references, but generally will include more that that.

It is also acceptable to point out possible problems with you work. Most of your references probably will be to original papers published in journals, but you may also cite textbooks for basic principles or even for specific methods.

what are the scientific principles underlying this work? If you used standard published procedures for certain parts of you work, you can simply state that fact and cite a reference that gives a full description of the procedure.

If you developed you own technique, or made any modifications in someone else's technique, then you should briefly yet completely describe it.

The figure and table captions should contain enough context so that a reader can understand the content of the figure or table without having to refer to the text.

Any labels or uncommon abbreviations need to be explained in the figure or table caption.

It should tell what you did and why , and what results you obtained.

usually, people read abstracts to decide if they want to read the whole article, so it is very important that the abstract is a good summary of what is in the paper.

The sequence of results presented should tell a logical story; you may not present your results in the same order in which you conducted your experiments. Does it agree or disagree with what others have found?

In this section you discuss the meaning of your results. Are they what you expected, or do they go against what you thought would happen? Does it complete a project that someone else has started? This section, like the Introduction, may include citations to previously published work. This may be included as a last paragraph in the discussion section, or may be set apart as a separate section.


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