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Almost all my friends have different backgrounds – Indian, British, German, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Israeli. True, the differing backgrounds of my parents played a factor but it does not stop at that.

I have developed and possess a distinct culture of my own and it is the combination of heritage and the influences that I prefer to identify with now.

My French mother, for her part, passed on to me the love for art and the importance of a relaxed body and mind.

I also inherited from her the love for delicious desserts and wine, philosophy, and yes, sentimental movies. When at home, I am an interesting mixture of both, with a dash of that recognizable New York accent.

By now it is safe to say that you surely have acquired a firm grasp of your very own cultural identity.

Awareness of your own cultural identity prevents you from projecting your own values onto others; projecting denotes the natural human tendency to assume that people of other cultures are doing things for the same reasons that you would.For instance, my Japanese father taught me the practice of Kaizen.Kaizen is the drive and effort to improve in all aspects of life – in my case, I practice Kaizen in my behaviour, outlook in life, relationship with loved ones, and work.I do it every day and has made my life more worthwhile.I also love sea urchin and sashimi with a passion – all because of my father’s influence.n the previous article, we discussed cultural identity.Cultural identity is a term that you frequently encounter - in the news, on social media platforms, on television, in magazines.Their work involves a lot of traveling and they meet countless of people and experience even more cultures, religions, and belief systems.Although my mother is Catholic and my father is Buddhist, they do not have a strong concept or belief in God and raised me in a household that practices nothing but kindness and compassion.In college and in the academe in general, the discussion will become more serious and incisive.It will be the subject of numerous papers, essays, discussion posts, research papers, presentations, speeches, and even debates, and your knowledge about cultural identity will only become more expansive.


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