If A Problem Can Be Solved

If A Problem Can Be Solved-16
This is, of course, a saying that something is lingering around that must be dealt with sooner or later.What typically happens is that people just don’t want to deal with their problems.Many people see their problems as unwelcome aspects of their lives.

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However, we don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship to experience these problems.

In fact, single people experience exactly the same but must deal with these problems without the accountability or support from their partner; which of course can make things even more challenging for some.

Suddenly in a blink of an eye, the stranger has taken over their entire life; just as many problems typically do. However, we must first acknowledge that having this uninvited stranger in our house isn’t such a bad thing.

Just maybe they aren’t so much a problem as we make them out to be.

And just maybe you can use their presence in your life to actually help you accomplish a goal you have been working towards for some time now.

But you will of course never fully capitalize on this opportunity if you resist the stranger’s presence.For most people, this is a very uncomfortable process having this stranger in their home.What makes things worse is that this stranger is consistently getting in their way.There are always new challenges around the corner such as learning to talk, learning to write, learning to dance, learning to interact with others, and so forth.Then of course as the years go on we are challenged with tests, examinations, unexpected emotional upheavals such as anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, and then there’s of course heartbreak.From the moment we are born it seems as though life is constantly testing us.As babies we see adults walking up on two feet while we lie there helplessly on the floor.However, after many failed attempts and mistakes we eventually get it right and start walking like adults.Walking soon becomes easy and we feel on top of the world; proud of our new ability.Life is awesome, and everything will be a piece of cake from this moment on for the rest of our lives, right?😉 Well, as we know the problems and challenges we face don’t stop after we have learned to walk.


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