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When it comes to learning how to improve problem-solving skills for the workplace, recognising the problems you face in all your school subjects is a great way to start: For your latest design project, imagine you are going to make a chair for primary school children.The problem is to use the information you have to design a product that’s right for its users.

To understand the way others fixed a problem is to find a way out of the one you’re in now. The deeper your research, the less likely you’ll have a problem to begin with.Can you remember looking at different viewpoints (usually called "sources") in class, and thinking about what these tell you about the events they report on?You might also remember thinking about the difference between primary and secondary sources.Well, when you wrote your essay at the end of it all, you were putting together the pieces of a jigsaw to give your point-of-view on something that happened in the past.PE requires complex problem-solving at an almost subconscious level.This is hardcore problem solving – often called critical or analytical thinking – and it’s this kind of thing that employers really love.This is especially true if you’re going into a career where you’ll have to solve problems as part of your day-to-day work, such as a games development, engineering, or medicine.You couldn’t for the life of you remember whether it started with the helium or hydrogen.You realised that you weren’t getting anywhere and that you needed a technique to help you – so you learn the Elements Song!Before you read any further, take a look at this short video to get an idea of what problem-solving is all about: At work, you might face all sorts of problems, and here are just a few: So you've got your algebra homework due for maths, your composition for music and an essay deadline coming up for English. Balancing all the projects and tasks you have on the go is something you'll have to do every day in many jobs.Remember when you were trying to learn the periodic table and it just wouldn’t sink in?


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