Insight Problem Solving Psychology

43 (female) participants were presented with "the prisoner’s rope problem", "the antique coin problem" and "the inverted steel pyramid problem".

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Article Does mindfulness aid insight problem solving?

As an avid practitioner of mindfulness meditation I feel that there is some face validity to their conclusion, even in the light of the study's apparent weaknesses.

It would be very interesting to see a randomized controlled trail with participants who undergo an 8 week structured mindfulness training compared to either a wait list control or a placebo control.

For each problem, the solution is a single word that can form a compound word or phrase for each of the words (e.g., “mind” or “piece” could both work with game, but neither works for all 3; the actual solution is at the bottom of this page). ) and sometimes through straightforward solving methods.

We let subjects (after training) tell us how they solved each problem.

A series of behavioral and neuroimaging experiments has begun to de-mystify this process, and reveal how the brain produces insight.

PLo S Biology published two experiments with Ed Bowden and John Kounios.

In particular, one type of creative cognition is exemplified by “insight” solutions to problems.

These are the solutions that are accompanied by “Aha” or “Eureka” experiences.


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