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Keynes became increasingly dismayed and alarmed at the vengeful and excessive terms of the treaty.Eventually, he resigned writing a polemic, criticising the Treaty as a recipe for future German resentment."that's stupid, why not pay people to build roads and schools"Keynes would respond saying "Fine, pay them to build schools.

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He could exercise both kindness and a brilliantly sharp wit.

On the return from one visit from Washington, a reporter asked him if England had just been sold out and become another American state. ''see more quotes by John Maynard Keynes It was during the 1930s, that Keynes' really made his mark as an economist, helping to develop a whole new branch of Economics.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about some of the great economists.

I will not be attempting to discuss every aspect of their work, but, will be looking at their major contributions to the world of Economics John Maynard Keynes makes a good starting point because he was both an influential economist and a man of many talents.

Unlike many economists, Keynes, was very much at home in the business world.

He put his money where his mouth was and become a very successful financial speculator.

This lectureship and patronage of Marshall helped Keynes establish his reputation as an economist.

During the First World War, Keynes worked in the Treasury office running the UK's foreign exchange operations.

At the height of the crisis, the fledgling Labour government was told by Treasury officials that the government must balance the budget to survive the depression.

This effectively meant increasing taxes and cutting unemployment benefits.


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