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If your trip is far enough out, maybe this will get fixed in the meantime?? I was able to use the LH site to reserve seats on LH flights for my last trip (also booked through UA), but I had a fare that qualified for complimentary seat reservations. Wait, maybe it doesn't matter: "Economy Class passengers can reserve seats in advance on all flights operated by Lufthansa ..." according to the LH link.

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I find it hard to believe that in today's world there is not more coordination and transparency between airlines who offer code shares.

Is this truly the case that there is no way to get seat assignments before we show up at the airport?

Lufthansa began charging for advance seat reservations for lower discounted economy fares earlier this year.

And apparently, it can only charge for the seat reservations if the ticket is issued by Lufthansa (ticket number beginning with 220).

We have seats for all of the United legs, but I can't find a way to get seat reservations on the Lufthansa legs.

On the return we have flights on Lufthansa from Bangalore to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Chicago.I've flown code shares before (on other airlines) and have never run into this.So, if we do the online check-in on United as soon as it is available, we'll be able to get seats?This was not an issue with LH and other partners until Lufthansa began charging for seat reservations for tickets issued beginning April 28 of this year.Not everything in that FT thread is relevant to your situation, but it does include some who were similarly surprised after buying tickets.And, when I have a few extra minutes to play around, I think I just might try logging on using my Lufthansa confirmation code so I can see if I can get anywhere.If I had known about this situation with not being able to get a seat assignment ahead of time on a super long haul flight like this, I would not have purchased these tickets.Is seems unfair to me that the airline can spring this on one after the fact. So, if we do the online check-in on United as soon as it is available, we'll be able to get seats?When you check in online for the return flights on Lufthansa, check in with Lufthansa using its record locator, not with United.But, since I bought tickets through United, they told me I can't get any seat assignments until check-in in Bangalore unless I work with United.United told me that they don't have access to Lufthansa's seating, so they can't do anything for me either.


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