Masters Thesis Peer Mentoring

Nevertheless, the process has considerable challenges along the way.Being able to identify a peer mentor with whom you can confide, trust and rely on to give you good advice and honest feedback can benefit both parties.Not only do the academic demands multiply once you're in graduate school, but former outstanding undergraduate students are now a part of a cohort of other equally outstanding students.

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Your family may not understand the requirements or intensity of graduate training, especially if you are the first in your family to pursue an advanced degree.

You may have little time to see your friends between the demands of coursework, practicum, research, assistantship, teaching, internship applications, dissertation and studying.

Often overlooked is the important role peer mentors can play in helping you navigate the complex graduate school application and entrance process, and in offering insider tips and guidance throughout the multifaceted sequence of steps involved in earning an advanced degree in psychology.

Peer mentors can coach you about how to present yourself during a graduate admissions interview, help you select courses offered by the most engaging professors, listen to you vent about the stress of preparing for comprehensive exams and encourage self-care activities.

This can lead to adjustment difficulties and feeling like you're an imposter or unsuited for therigors of graduate study.

Likewise, graduate school can be lonely and isolating.

Results showed that academic scores significantly increased over time and the overall opinion of the program from both students and teachers was positive.

Several limitations of the design of this program evaluation will be discussed.


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