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These punishments can then be acted out (and filmed) or freeze-framed (and photographed - see image.).The class could be organised into groups for this activity and the results shared in a classroom display. Whilst the class is voting on the punishments to be given, the “guilty” criminals might be taken outside and provided by your teacher with a copy of the “Neck Verse” (this can be found on Active History along with an explanation about how it worked). “Heads” means that the verse must be read in the original Latin.

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In the case of England, theft was a common crime because of the impunity and the lack of education during the medieval period that made stealing an easy option to gain money.

However, during the modern era of England, poor economic conditions in certain areas lead to social inequality, leading individuals to resort to theft to provide for his/her needs.

In this activity, students decide whether the modern “police” system is better or worse than the Medieval “tithing” system.

How effective was the Medieval method of determining guilt?

It was change in cultural and traditional norms that led to the formation of the ordeal system and then the jury system.

The extremism of Christianity and misinterpretation had caused the formation of the torturing ordeal system, but overtime as the society improved its biblical literacy, the Catholic Church was able to draw conclusions about the illegitimacy of the system, leading to the formation trials involving evidences.Anyone accused of a crime then has to produce a defence statement and the cases proceed to trial, with the credibility of the prosecution and defence cases resting on how effectively they use key terms from the Middle Ages that they should now be familiar with.We then proceed to trials by battle, water and fire (see picture! At the end of this process, a handful of people in the class will be guilty on TWO charges - one of the original crime they were accused of, and one for perjuring someone else.The teacher may wish to award up to two bonus marks for use of images in the piece (if it is done as a homework project rather than in timed conditions).Recommended video sources to help with the independent essay-writing phase "Guilty as Charred" (10m) Medieval Justice (14m).When all the activities are completed, they will join these paragraphs together as the basis of an overall essay project.How effective was the Medieval method of capturing suspected criminals?These people will face severe punishment in the next part of the roleplay exercise later in the unit... Students start by considering that "In Western Europe the death penalty no longer exists (in other words, people cannot be executed for their crimes).Do you think the death penalty should be brought back for certain crimes? They then consider eight medieval punishments and for each consider how far they were fair given the crimes they were applied against.The trial by ordeal involved the physical damage directed towards a person.However, in the present law system in England, the trial is carried out without violence where the jurors, a member of learned individuals provide their opinions about the suspect’s action and the evidences placed.


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