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The setting corresponds well with the time period and themain character.This period showed many leaps in technological advancement,which Allie refused to be a part of. And the remotes of Honduras was essential in attaining thistype of lifestyle.

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This story does an effective job of immediately fascinating you with theunusual attitude of Allie Foxx, and from that point it never lets your attentionwaver.

It also is effective at stimulating emotions as you read.

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The Mosquito Coast The Mosquito Coast depicts the story of an unstable, antisocialindividual whose unsubstantiable paranoia causes him to dramatically alter thecourses of his and other peoples lives.

Charlie Fox in Mosquito Coast finds truth throughout his journey of growing up while his father pursues his quest of recreation by means of lying to his family.

Mosquito Coast Essays

In Twelfth Malvolio at the end of Twelfth Night finds the truth rather unpleasant and is not happy when he becomes aware of Feste's actions.Allie brags to Charlie about how brilliant his idea was, and how content he made the savages.He kept raving about how the ice left them astonished, but Charlie knew his father wasn't telling the truth.The dialogue of the natives in the story combined with the effects ofthe harsh jungle environment make the author sound as if he knows much of thestyle of life which is typical to the poverty stricken natives of South America.He also seemed fascinated by the effects that unforgiving nature can have on agroup of people.The mans continual fear of a nuclearinvasion by an irate, immoral country eventually this man to move himself andhis family to a remote jungle area of Honduras where he planned to establish autopian society of his own design.Some themes that are conveyed through thisstory are the ability of split-second decisions to dramatically alter anybody’slife, and the inability of certain individuals to be able to mentally handle thestressful life of western civilization.Themes of actuality and truth become quite apparent in these works.Though completely different written pieces (Twelfth Night with its comedic enlightenment, and Mosquito Coast with its serious "growing up" style enlightenment) are both comprised of the latter truth element where an inevitable realization of reality is reached in the end.The novel Mosquito Coast and the play Twelfth Night both contain similar and dissimilar aspects to them.In both these works there are characters who through deception and trickery, are later enlightened to the truth.


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