Most Difficult Decision Essay

If anything I can look back at my last two years of university in England with ironic optimism, a sentiment no better expressed than through the words of A. Milne: “How lucky I am to have something so difficult to leave behind.” The magnitude of my decision to study abroad hasn’t hit me yet; I’m assuming this will happen when I’m sitting in my new, unfamiliar room, in a strange setting.

Yes, I predict there will be times when I feel down over who and what I have left behind.

And, of course, there’s always the privilege of being able to say I studied for a year at the oldest university in the world, in a city which is home to the creation of bolognese.

The cons, on the other hand, mostly related to the people I would have to leave behind.

The thought of travelling to a new place and immersing myself into another culture has always been up there on my bucket list. I attribute my uncertainty to a natural fear of change—as I’m sure most students feel when faced with the prospect of embarking on a yearlong expedition, miles away from the comforts of home.

However, with the pressure to finalize my decision fast approaching, the idea had lost some of its initial sparkle. For me, no longer regularly being able to see my family, my friends and my boyfriend was a difficult reality for me to accept.

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Making my decision to study abroad for a year has probably been the most challenging choice I’ve faced to date.

Before beginning my time at the University of Leicester, the idea of studying abroad couldn’t have been more appealing to me.


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