My Essay Is Gone

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Maybe Barbara could possibly read it, or even write a few sentences about it?

Essay Instructions: Compare and Contrast Gone with the Wind and The Wind Done Gone. Use reviews from the case and other related articles.

It’s like winning the lottery but without any money whatsoever.9This number represents the haters on the internet.

The comments that were less than savory, the scalawags who had just about enough of this whiny millennial spinsters nonsense. 7This number represents the amount of times I tried to explain what “viral” meant to my mother.

I don’t know what that Millennial essay will do, if anything.

But, this much is true: I promise to be the most sincere and authentic storyteller I know how to be.

I am going to try my best to continuously show you my emotional millennial heart, if you show me yours.

, about working as a full-time maid, surviving domestic violence, and the life lessons she’s learned from cleaning other people’s houses. Read about Stephanie’s journey in an excerpt from her blog.

I will inquire further and see about the legitimacy of these jobs. I cried several times and I have been trying to respond to most of them with intention. I know I live in a bubble, and I know it feels like we all do sometimes.

Until then, there’s a lot of razzle-dazzle possibility happening in my mind, grandiose ideas and bright futures, and shrugging at myself in the mirror with “Who knows anymore? But I cannot stress enough how much gratitude I have from you expressing your connection to my story.


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