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She always encouraged me and told me that I could go to college if I put my mind to it; it is because of her that I am here now applying for this scholarship and not flipping burgers at Burger King.

I was forced to grow up sooner than my peers and lost most of my childhood, but I do not regret it because when I think of my little sister and how she looks to me for guidance and direction, I know that her need for me to lead and mentor her was far more important than what I missed out on as a child.

It made me want something above the great honor of becoming an enlisted Marine - to become a Marine officer, and love my Marines like my family, to carry an extra pack to lighten their load , to always put them before me, but still always understand that sometimes the mission will call for some of them to get hurt. When I was eight years old I received an unexpected obligation when older brother left, it was now my responsibility to abide for my younger brother and sister.

I did not fully understand the enormity of the task until day my mother, an old fashioned lady from Mexico (this was before people started calling Child Protective Services), gave me a ferocious beating because my little brother had set a spiral notebook on fire in the apartment and explained to me that she would beat the life out of me every time my siblings did something bad, got in trouble at school, or misbehaved in public.

The military is the only place I could think of to hone those skills, and of the five branches the Marines Corps is the only one that people subsequently associate with possessing those traits.

Becoming a Marine Officer would give me the tools that I lack to better myself and be an outstanding member in society.All feedback would be appreciated and if this is not the correct subreddit for this I will take it down. Again it should be reflective of you and if you can't come up with a good enough response yourself then frankly I don't think you deserve my salute.03Badger, thank you for your response.I wanted to see if there where any points that I had not considered that would strengthen my essay.Mentally, I would be obtaining the knowledge necessary to succeed in the Marine Corps by applying what I learn while attending summer training assignments, as well as the naval science classes each semester, in my Military Occupational Specialty, and as a civilian by earning a degree in political science. My background and experiences have helped form the individual that I am today, a person that strives to become a Marine Officer.At first, I just wanted to be an enlisted Marine, but then I got the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. How might your background and experiences enhance the U. I am certain that my rearing as a child and the skills that I have acquired in my life will enable me to greatly enhance the United States Marine Corps.She reasoned that I was the one they looked up to so if they were doing something improper, more than likely they picked up from me.From then on I kept a careful watch on how I acted and what I said in front of them, I had to lead them to become better than anything I could ever be.I am 100% confident in what I have to say in my essay, but I am always looking for improvement and recommendations.I am applying for the NROTC Scholarship and would like any advice you have to offer on my two essay. Discuss your reasons for wanting to become a Marine Officer.They look for your able to empathize with your Marines.And use the core values of Honor Courage and Commitment dont use loyalty.


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