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This is different than using a logo on a letterhead template because the image spans a larger portion of the page than the header area.These semitransparent items appear in the background and your text sits atop.For example, few people would misinterpret your draft as your final document or forward a confidential document.

If you have PS Elements, the steps are identical, though the screens look a bit different.

OK, Step 1 is to make a new transparent document, so go to the top menu bar and select and choose your dimensions. It'll also scale well for the smaller display sizes. Avoid dark colors, and try for fonts that are very readable.

gestohlenseele I am working on Organization i must to make a security for Contract papers to protect it from counterfiet.

i need a watermark like on money bills do you know want i mean?

Watermarks can be a valuable enhancement to any Microsoft Word document.

They help convey the status of a document such as the “Draft” watermark or promote your branding with an image.

You can also use Photoshop’s history state to simply “go back a step” and begin again. In the Layers Palette, you can experiment with the opacity of your watermark. It'll look very light on screen because we're working in a transparent document. Make a few versions of your watermark, with different opacities, and see which one best suits you! Now save it on your computer by using the menu Next you'll see the save for web screen. You'll want to experiment, and create either one watermark that'll work well for you on portrait- or landscape-oriented images, or use a separate one for each type.

Select PNG-24 and Transparency, then click “Save” and give your file a name. Now you get to upload your watermark to a gallery on your Smug Mug site. For a portrait image, try making a watermark that's vertically oriented, maybe 800x1200 or so.","primary Category":"5ab06d8583f41f7a0f54c6bc","meta Description":"You've come to the right place to make your own custom watermark.\n Don’t have time or energy to make your own?

I hear you, but each different program comes with custom watermarks that you can put on a document.

Just go to that website and check out what it offers when it comes to watermark programs.


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