Paradise Lost Critical Essay

Paradise Lost Critical Essay-76
Attacking God’s newly favored creation, he thought, was the best way to hit back at God.From this background, one is able to deduce that God knew how everything would transpire even before he created mankind.These angels including Lucifer were also given the free will.

As a result, it begs the questions as whether there was free will given in the first place.

If man was truly given free will, God’s knowledge of how the world would eventually turn out raises so many questions.

According to Milton, the war in heaven led to the defeat of Satan and later dismissal from heaven.

He then built a pandemonium in hell where he held meetings with his followers.

At the same time, man’s inability to make decisions beyond his human and physical nature further creates concerns as to the amount of freedom he has in making his decisions.

This paper seeks to explore and develop an argument based on the theme of free will in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

God did not influence or interfere with their decisions to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

According to Milton, God expected man to obey voluntarily.

He knew that the favor mankind was experiencing was supposed to be upon him.

But, since he had rebelled against God, his destiny was destruction.


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