Passion Definition Essay

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Grit is not a physical thing but it is more so something that people integrate into their lives to overcome things and have a better outlook on what they do.

It is a combination of hard work and perseverance while keeping a growth mindset.

Even though the implementation of grit as a formal way of getting students through school has not been established, the concept has definitely left a lot to talk about.

There are both people who support it as well as those who do not.

All agreeing that it definitely can be something that can help but could also hurt since some people take it as a pressure, which really could just work as motivation in the end.

All in all, it can be seen that support is an important factor when it comes to developing grit that shouldn't be overseen and underestimated.

When asking people about what they think about grit and its development I found that they too tended put those topics on the spotlight as things that may hold people back from being grittier and successful.

Yet when support and motivation from others was mentioned they almost automatically agreed that it was next necessary for grit growth.

The goal of my paper is to explore the concept of grit and how people can develop it.

As a student, like many others, I have found myself wondering what I can do to improve and be successful and my paper addresses one way to answer those thoughts.


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