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At the second Virginia Convention, on March 23, 1775, in St. Henry was the first elected governor of Virginia, serving five one-year terms in this office from 1776 to 1779 and again from 1784 to 1786, alternating with terms as a member of the state legislature.John’s Church, Richmond, he delivered his most famous speech. There he led the opposition to the bill that became the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom because of his belief that state taxes should be directed to the support of all Christian denominations.

Patrick Henry did a good job, and at the height of his speech, he convinces the House of Burgesses that the war needs to be fought.

The first thing Henry did when giving his speech was he complimented his opponents, in order to gain their respect and trust.

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As war with Great Britain appeared inevitable, Henry proclaimed: Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace — but there is no peace. The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! The Statute, written by Thomas Jefferson and passed by the Virginia General Assembly on January 16, 1786, is the forerunner of the U. Constitution’s First Amendment protections for religious freedom.

Throughout his public career, Henry retained his leadership role, having a profound influence on Virginia’s role in the new nation.Henry justifies the cause for his speech, using a false dilemma to make the audience believe that there is only two options, when in fact, there are many more.The two options he gives them are freedom, and slavery.1775 was a time of political upheaval in the British Colonies of America, it was a period steeped in political debate.Such Patriots as Patrick Henry shook the nation with their powerful oratories.Since the audience respects Henry, they will be more willing to listen to what it is he has to say.He then asks for forgiveness in advance for anything he says that might disrespect or offend them, or anyone else.Henry goes on to persuade his audience by use of rhetorical questions and comparisons to religious beliefs.Henry's speech was very motivations, and inspirational, as well as urgent and persuasive.He was a brilliant orator and an influential leader in the Revolutionary opposition to British government. He concluded his introduction of the Resolves with the fiery words “Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First his Cromwell, and George the Third—” when, it is reported, voices cried out, “Treason! ” “—and George the Third may profit by their example!As a young lawyer in 1763, Henry astonished his courtroom audience with an eloquent defense based on the doctrine of natural rights—the political theory that man is born with certain inalienable rights. If this be treason make the most of it.” Henry went on to serve as a member of the first Virginia Committee of Correspondence, which facilitated inter-colonial cooperation, and as a delegate to the First Continental Congresses in 1774 and the Second Continental Congress in 1775. Is life so dear,or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? I know not what course others may take but as for me,give me liberty or give me death!


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