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It’s also important to mention that schools and universities are starting to use different tools to detect plagiarism or any other type of malversation with the work.

Even though a lot of students cheated before, the problem became more severe with different internet tools.

Although cheating was always present in the academic world, the problem became more prevalent over last few decades.

According to experts, it’s quite easy to explain why this happens; cheating has become easier, it doesn’t require too much effort anymore, and it has been widely tolerated.

Not only is paying someone to do your homework highly unethical and could pose a threat to your education, but it is also quite risky.

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First, when you opt to pay for your homework you’re, basically, cheating your way through the course and, eventually, academic education.

Some students cheat due to ever-increasing competitiveness at college that they struggle to keep up with; while others cheat out of pure necessity to survive and avoid failure.

The Journal of Business Ethics featured a study which showed that technology has a significant role in enabling the negative behavior.

If the essay is 100% original and not plagiarized, then it cannot be cheating, right?

Believe it or not, paying someone to do the homework is categorized as one of the most widely sought after cheating strategies, according to research published in the Journal of Applied Sciences.


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