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Thus, in the composition layer we introduce the physical mashups and propose a software platform, built as an extension of an open-source workflow engine, that offers basic constructs which can be used to build mashup editors for the Web of Things.

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First we look at wireless sensor networks, in particular at energy and environmental monitoring sensor nodes.

Then, to better understand and evaluate how the Web of Things architecture can facilitate the development of real-world aware business applications, we study automatic identification […] Put together, these contributions materialize into an ecosystem of building-blocks for the Web of Things: a world-wide and interoperable network of smart things on which applications can be easily built, one step closer to bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.

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Thesis Download | Citation Key | Presentation News: This Ph D Thesis was awarded with an ETH Medal.

As the eternal second (although my thesis was finished first ;-P), I’m following Vlad’s great idea to make the final version of my thesis available to you, Wo Tters!

In the third layer we propose a sharing infrastructure that leverages social graphs encapsulated by social networks.

We demonstrate how this helps sharing smart things in a straightforward, user-friendly and personal manner, building a Social Web of Things.

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