Physics Essay Questions Form 4

Physics Essay Questions Form 4-17
deceleration)2012 P1 Q9 at pg 333: Diagram shows the velocity-time graph of a bus with passengers on board. The graph shows an upward climbing straight line from the origin to velocity 6 m/s at time 10 s, then followed by a downward inclined straight line ending at velocity 0 at time 12 s.Q: What is the velocity of the passengers immediately after the brake is applied?

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Answer: C (because inertia will cause the passengers to move at the velocity just before the brake is applied i.e.

at 6 m/s hence C)2012 P1 Q10 at pg 333: Diagram shows a mango falling – Q: Which acceleration-time graph represents the motion of the mango?

Q: Diagram in which options shows action of forces acting on the block.

(Answer D – My comments: The boy’s upward diagonal pulling force F tends to do 2 things: 1) the horizontal component F Diagram shows a long-jumper bends his legs upon landing.

Despite the age of this document, its recommendations for effective study of physics remain appropriate even today, especially for those students who really want to learn the subject.

The problem examples, using English units, have been left unchanged. Although the main objective of education is to train people to think clearly about problems in life, apparently most college students do not give adequate thought to the question of finding the best methods for carrying on their chief activity—studying.The references to tuition costs and textbook prices are a reminder of how much inflation has occured since then. To return from a footnote to where you left off in the text, click on the chevron symbol: § The editor has added a few explanatory and supplementary footnotes, in italics, identified with the initials DES. It is obvious that musicians, athletes, or even good bridge players develop techniques appropriate to their activities; and, just as obviously, a proper procedure is necessary for effective study.Chapter 10, and part of chapter 9 are omitted from this HTML version. The purpose of this book is to call to the attention of beginning physics students methods for effectively studying physics. This guide points out how you may work effectively but it cannot tell you of short cuts because there are none.displacement 7m to the right)2012 P1 Q11 at pg 334: Which ticker tape shows movement with uniform velocity and then deceleration?Answer: Tape in B (because the distance between initial intervals is the same meaning uniform velocity and then the distance get smaller and even smaller for later intervals, implying decreasing speed over time i.e.A proper mental attitude toward the material to be studied is the primary requirement. Unless you are finally convinced that you want to do a good job in your physics work, this manual will do little good. Every suggestion included here has been of use to somebody—a fact verified by student comment on an earlier version of this book.A few of the ideas are mutually inconsistent since not all students study most effectively in the same way.2012 P1 Q6 at pg 332: Diagram shows a man walks from O: 2m towards west and then (2 7)m towards east. Answer: C, 7 m to the east (because displacement is the shortest straight line distance two reference points which are, in this case, the starting point O and the final point B.hence taking towards west or A as negative and towards east or B as positive, we have: -2m (2 7)m = 7m i.e.Certainly it is up to you to decide what part of your time you should devote to physics.It is a fact that you can learn to use that time efficiently.


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