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Otherwise my mind would explode from the sheer fact that if I read all of them I would probably be an expert in the field of Native American Studies.That being said; among all the shifting, shelving, sorting, catalog searching, and more shifting, I received what I would call a crash course in Native American Literature.That is: literature by Native Americans, about Native Americans, and pertaining in any way to a Native American experience.

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Waterlily is “about a girl who lived a century ago, in a remote camp-circle of the Teton Dakotas [Lakotas].”(Deloria vi).

If you don’t recognize any of these names, you’re not alone.

When I’m in the stacks, I have to actively avoid thinking about all the knowledge in all the books around me!

Ella Cara Deloria, author of Waterlily, explains her writing, “it reads convincingly to any who understands Dakota life...

and it's purely the woman's point of view, her problems, aspirations, ideals, etc.”. In general, when our [westernized] culture hears that women are inferior to men, we think of it as sexist and unfair, not as a culturally acceptable idea.


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