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While this is a simple process, you can make the process even simpler. If Cassie worked 82 percent of her shift on Wednesday and worked 100 percent of her other shifts, what percent of the week did she miss? Since 2003, Momi Awana's writing has been featured in "The Hawaii Independent," "Tradewinds" and "Eternal Portraits." She served as a communications specialist at the Hawaii State Legislature and currently teaches writing classes at her library.Instead of finding 92 percent of 200, find 200 percent of 92 by doubling it: Cassie works from 7 a.m. Awana holds a Master of Arts in English from University of Hawaii, Mānoa.

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To do this, think about the relationship between multiplication and division.

Look at the pairs of multiplication and division facts below, and look for a pattern in each row.

Interest rates on a saving account work in the same way.

The more money you put in your account, the more money you get in interest.

Then you'll need to pick a variable for the value you don't have, write an equation, and solve for that variable.

The format displayed above, "(this number) is (some percent) of (that number)", always holds true for percents.In a percent problem, the base represents how much should be considered 100% (the whole); in exponents, the base is the value that is raised to a power when a number is written in exponential notation. Since the percent is the percent off, the amount will be the amount off of the price.In the example of 5The amount is the number that relates to the percent. Once you have an equation, you can solve it and find the unknown value.A shop is offering discounts on shirts costing each.If someone buys 2 shirts, he will be offered a discount of 15% on the first shirt and another 10% discount on the reduced price for the second shirt.In any given problem, you plug your known values into this equation, and then you solve for whatever is left.In the above example, I first had to figure out what the actual tax was.How much would one pay for two shirts at this shop?Out of a world population of approximately 6.6 billion, 1.2 billion people live in the richer countries of Europe, North America, Japan and Oceania and is growing at the rate of 0.25% per year, while the other 5.4 billion people live in the lees developed countries and is growing at the rate of 1.5%.What will be the world population in 5 years if we assume that these rates of increase will stay constant for the next 5 years. So they are easier to compare than fractions, as they always have the same denominator, 100. The amount saved is always the same portion or fraction of the price, but a higher price means more money is taken off.


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