Problem Solving Strategies Powerpoint

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It may seem important, but when it comes down to making a slide and a presentation, you end up deleting more information rather than adding.

You really need to remember the following: Even in consulting, I found that people struggled with simplifying a message to one key theme per slide.

You may need to tweak your hypotheses and structure as you learn new information.

A project vacillates many times between these two approaches.

Let’s say a company is struggling with profitability.

Someone might define the problem as “we do not have enough growth.” This is jumping ahead to solutions — the goal may be to drive more growth, but this is not the actual issue. Consider the following information: In a real-life project there will definitely be much more information and a team may take a full week coming up with a problem statement.So after prompted by a Quora question — I decided to try to break down the step-by-step process of solving problems with a consulting approach.What follows is a post I wrote that actually was “liked” by Ramit Sethi — so this info will probably help you get rich quick too!The more you learn, the easier it becomes to come up with reasons to support the current state of affairs — likely driven by the status quo bias — an emotional state that favors not changing things.Even the best consultants will experience this emotion, but they are good at identifying it and pushing forward.Here is a hypothetical timeline of a project: The next step is taking the structure and research and turning it into a slide.When people see slides from Mc Kinsey and BCG, they see something that is compelling and unique, but don’t really understand all the work that goes into those slides.When I reflect back on my first role at Mc Kinsey, I realize that my biggest challenge was unlearning everything I had learned over the previous 23 years.Throughout school you are asked to do specific things.This means developing multiple hypotheses — key questions you can either prove or disprove.Given our problem statement, you may develop the following three hypotheses: As you can see, these three statements identify different areas you can research and either prove or disprove.


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