Problem Solving Using Division

Problem Solving Using Division-4
The first step the way we normally teach children to solve division problems.

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In order to find it, we have to DIVIDE: The verbiage of the problem can lead to confusion, so that “more” or “fewer” times can be interpreted as an addition or subtraction.

In the case of this problem, they say that Raymond has gotten $9 and that I have $27 and they ask me how many more I have saved than he has.

Finally, they figure out how many objects were in each group and that is the answer or quotient. By throwing in markers and painting with q-tips these sheets were fun for my little man, and I could see his understanding of division grow.

We moved onto these cut and paste division assessments, and his thinking was challenged even more.

This partitioning operation is the key concept in many division story problems, and students may need to have an example explained either on paper or with manipulatives before they're ready to tackle a worksheet independently.

As with the other word problem worksheets here, these division worksheets start with very basic problems to help surmount this challenge.Division word problems can be some of the more confusing problems for students to understand.Many division problems will use words like 'share among' or 'give to each' or similar phraseology to imply that a total amount is to be split evenly into groups.You have to begin clarifying that the speed in this problem is measured in mi/hr (read as miles per hour), and it refers to the number of miles that are covered in one hour.The problem tells us that 15 miles are covered over three hours.Now they subtract the divisor or the number that tells how many groups are needed from the dividend over and over until they reach zero. Chances are if you taught multiplication in a hands-on way, you taught is using arrays.You can create an array when you place objects, pictures, or numbers in equal columns and equal rows.As they are used to playing sports, they go quickly and without stopping on their walk.Knowing that the walk lasts three hours, and that they walk 15 miles in total and that they have walked with seven people, calculate how fast they are walking (assuming they walk at a constant speed).If it is all shared with the recipients, 8 liters to each one, how many recipients are supplied with water?Like every Sunday morning, Richard and Catherine have gone out for a walk through the field.


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