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Or we think of the images of young white men chanting “Blood and soil! The moment we point away from ourselves to some other person or group as the “real racists,” we become like the self-righteous character in Jesus’ parable who declares, “God, I thank you I am not like other people” (Luke ).The moment we catch ourselves making that distinction, we need to remind ourselves to be more like the tax collector in the story, asking, “God, be merciful to me, a sinner! Even when we are faced with great opposition in talking with other white people about racism, we need to remember that we are no different from those people.

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If we have no intention of offending someone else and no consciousness of racial bias, then we may feel resentful for being accused of racism.If we are generally good people who feed and clothe the homeless and give our money to the poor, it can feel as if we are being unjustly accused of racism when the rest of our behavior shows our moral intentions.Unfortunately, great harm comes to others not simply by our .” She points out the irony that the liability of race has come to stand for an asset: a special card.To respond to this sentiment, it can be helpful to highlight recent statistics about the impact of race on one’s ability to secure a mortgage from a bank or pass wealth on to one’s children, to be shown homes one is interested in buying or renting, to get interviewed for a job, or to live a long life with access to quality health care—or, conversely, one’s likelihood of being stopped by the police.White people may not feel that we have anything to do with these larger problems, but our silence is part of the problem.Our acceptance of the status quo makes these injustices harder to challenge.Others may assume their congregation does not need to talk about racism, since they do not see their members reflecting racist actions or beliefs.Even if a predominantly white church views itself as socially progressive and talks about concepts such as systemic racism, persons in these congregations may still harbor illusions about racism that prevent a deeper understanding of the problem.” (meaning a different country) when you do not ask whites the same question.These examples highlight the subtle ways implicit bias is still at work.problem is to identify the advantages white people may experience.


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