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Voice Dream supports adjustable playback speeds, and allows you to customize pause time between sentences, too.

You can select from several system voices, and set a preferred speed, pitch, and volume for the voice.

Importantly, as of July 2017, all four of these apps are under active development: The i OS app for each was updated in June or July 2017 at least once.

(i OS, Chrome, and Safari desktop extensions) I think of Motoread as a podcatcher for articles: Send an article to the app, then listen to saved articles later.

Some apps show the text as it is spoken, while others offer a variety of voices.

All of these apps work on i OS, and support the capability to share an article from the browser to the app via the native i OS sharing system functions.The following four TTS apps specialize in reading articles and documents you choose.While all of these apps provide text-to-speech capabilities, each app serves a slightly different set of needs.The desktop platform apps are not free, at .99 for mac OS and .99 for Windows 10, although the mobile apps are free, with an optional one-time .99 upgrade that gives you the ability to add unlimited articles.(i OS) Audiobook Maker was the only app of the four to properly pronounce the words "live" and "livestream" with the default voice setting.As with other apps, you can adjust the speed, as well as select from several voices and languages. For example, the app also includes the ability to use your camera to take a photo of book pages to be read.But when I took a photo of a page from a book, I saw a "less than a minute remaining" message that never left.The app will announce the calculated reading time for longer articles, which may be useful if you listen while traveling, and you can change playback speed (between .8x and 2x default speed).Speech Central also offers the ability to shuffle voices, so you don't have to listen to several articles in a row read with the same synthesized voice.(i OS, Android) Voice Dream Reader shows the text of the article being read, and highlights each word as it is spoken.Since the app was originally developed as an assistive tool, you can adjust the size, font, spacing, and color of the text displayed during playback.


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