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Grant Foundation has updated its research grants application guide and created a unique guide and webpage for each of our two focus areas: reducing inequality and improving the use of research evidence.Research papers linked to the ASPIRES and ASPIRES 2 projects.

Simulation evidence suggests that hiring and turnover vary in relative importance to principal sorting patterns according to the measure of quality examined, and that differential principal improvement across contexts may matter as well.

Complementary analyses of national survey data corroborate our main results.

In particular, teachers rated as effective are more likely to prefer performance-based pay than teachers rated ineffective.

We validate our results using administrative data from Tennessee on teachers' actual mobility patterns.

In this study, we examine three types of school-level attributes that may influence teachers' decisions to enter or transfer schools: malleable school processes, structural features of employment, and school characteristics.

Using adaptive conjoint analysis survey design with a sample of teachers from low-performing urban, turnaround schools in Tennessee, we find that five of the seven most highly valued features of schools are malleable processes: consistent administrative support, consistent enforcement of discipline, school safety, small class sizes, and availability of high-quality professional development.These results suggest that concerns over lowered evaluations should not prevent teachers from serving as CTs.Numerous studies document the inequitable distribution of teacher quality across scholars and professionals who are informed observers of education in classrooms and schools should provide critical analysis and insights regarding effective practice.Experienced researchers may offer an historic analysis of a significant topic of inquiry and the effects on the field, as well as insights into implications for practice.Multiple sensitivity tests strongly suggest that the assignment of observations by state policy is the source of assimilation bias, but this suggestion is not definitive. In the early 2010s, Tennessee adopted a new teacher evaluation system.Recent research finds Tennessee teacher effectiveness substantially and rapidly improved after this reform.I contribute to this body of work by examining the sensitivity of observation scores to a novel source of bias: the differentiated assignment of observation by state policy.Several states differentiate the number of observations assigned to teachers.Using a unique dataset on over 4,500 CTs, we compare evaluation scores during years these teachers served as CTs compared to years they did not.In years they served as CTs, teachers had significantly better observation ratings and somewhat better achievement gains, though not always at significant levels.


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