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This impacts the learning of the students (United States Education Department, 2010).

In addition, apart from the problem in student learning as a result of having teachers, US studies reveal the reality of attrition.

Though few studies were done regarding this issue (Ingersoll Curran, Feng, Centre for the Future of Teaching and Learning, Mc Conney Price, 2009), which takes into account the prevalence of teaching, it is surprising that there were no accurate statistical data that reveal how great the number of teachers in the teaching field.

This leads to setting the issue aside and giving training program for the said teachers.

One of the least recognized causes of these issues is the phenomenon where teachers are made to teach subjects for which they have little education or training.

This has been an important but long recognized problem in schools and in education in general (Cobbold, 2010).

Our experiences left us with a number of questions.

Was teaching a graduate a common practice also in other public schools across the country? And how do these teachers cope with this challenging role?

Prior research has focused on the match between the quantity of schooling and years of schooling required for the job.

This paper will take a different look at the issue studying it and capturing the different experiences, struggles and triumphs of the teachers engaged in this particular phenomenon.


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