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The most basic way of thinking about REST is as a way of formatting the URLs of your web applications.For example, if your resource was called "posts", then: would be how you would delete a given post, again identified by a unique id. You also know that you have to plan far in advance for this project, because it is going to consume as much as 12-18 months. Here’s the thing: Very few grad students complete their projects without some thesis or dissertation help.

, primarily due to the simplicity of HTTP and its very natural mapping to RESTful principles. Client-Server Communication Client-server architectures have a very distinct separation of concerns.

All applications built in the RESTful style must also be client-server in principle.

Stateless Each client request to the server requires that its state be fully represented.

The server must be able to completely understand the client request without using any server context or server session state.

The above concepts represent defining characteristics of REST and differentiate the REST architecture from other architectures like web services.

It is useful to note that a REST service is a web service, but a web service is not necessarily a REST service.

I was under the assumption that REST was a web service but it seems that I am incorrect in thinking this - so, what is REST?

I've read through Wikipedia but still cant quite wrap my head around it.

First read Ryan Tomayko's post How I explained REST to my wife; it's a great starting point. It's not that advanced, nor is it long (six chapters, 180 pages)! EDIT: I feel it's pointless to try to explain REST.

It has so many concepts like scalability, visibility (stateless) etc.


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