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Unfortunately for the British the slaves didn’t flock to join the loyalists.Another downside for the British is that many of their officers didn’t even want to come to the colonies to fight what they though was a civil war.If Great Britain had really wanted to win the Revolutionary War they would have signed the Olive Branch Petition, that the colonist sent saying that they wanted peace and that they wanted to stay in the empire.

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My last reason for why I believe that Great Britain did more to loose the war then the colonists did is the fact that Great Britain didn’t want to fight the war in the first place.

Many soldiers and officers thought that this was an unnecessary war and didn’t want to come over and fight in it.

Great Britain should not have made any budget cuts to their army because it helped the French and the colonies to beat them in battles such as the: battle of Bon Homme vs. But then again the Americans did a lot to try and win the war also.

For one they wrote the Declaration of Independence in order to try and unite the colonies; and the Common Sense in order to explain why a colonist should become a Patriot.

The non- military reasons included their ability to unite, use of propaganda like the one in the book Common Sense and the influence of people like Paul Revere and George Washington.

Another main factor that affected the outcome of the war was geographical reasons.The British were overconfident and George Washington took advantage by surprise attacking. The Americans realized that they could beat the British.Another reason for the American success was because of aid from foreign countries like France. The first treaty was just saying that they would give each other favored treatment in matter of trade.On the other hand there was a gap between the red coat officers and soldiers, which sometimes made it hard to work together.The war probably never would have even started if the British had started out being strict on the colonies and taxing them and not start it when the colonist had gotten used to a tax-free life.Americans were fighting on their own land versus the British who had come from overseas.This essay will show how these reason’s led to the American’s winning the war.The French sent gold, powder, shot, equipment, a fleet and troops.Spain, Netherlands and Prussia also helped the Americans.The American strengths included their ability to unite, their strong leaders and their receiving aid from France.One of the main reasons the Americans won the war was because of their unification.


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