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, historian Edward Gibbon selected 476 CE, a date most often mentioned by historians.That date was when the Germanic king of the Torcilingi Odoacer deposed Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor to rule the western part of the Roman Empire.

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Rome started out as a small, hilly settlement by the Tiber River in the middle of the Italian boot, surrounded by more powerful neighbors.

By the time Rome became an empire, the territory covered by the term "Rome" looked completely different.

Much of the lower level government stayed the same, but now the Emperor had supreme power.

The Empire Splits As the Roman Empire grew it became more and more difficult to manage from the city of Rome.

The Roman Republic Rome first grew into power as a Republic.

This meant that Rome's leaders, such as senators, were elected officials that served for a limited amount of time, not kings who were born into leadership and ruled for life.

The Republic would rule Rome for hundreds of years from around 509 BC to 45 BC.

The Roman Empire In 45 BC Julius Caesar took over the Roman Republic and made himself the supreme dictator. A few years later, in 27 BC, Caesar Augustus became the first Roman Emperor and this was the start of the Roman Empire.

Because of the long process, different historians have placed an end date at many different points on a continuum.

Perhaps the Fall of Rome is best understood as a compilation of various maladies that altered a large swath of human habitation over many hundreds of years.


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