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In case you do, this is the framework I will be referencing when I develop courses and ebooks for The Lady Writers League.

WRITING is anything that takes place while you’re writing, whether it relates to the actual time you spend putting words on a page, or the months or years of writing and erasing that go into creating a manuscript.

This piece would showcase all the techniques they had learnt throughout their studies and travels, and would represent the best work they were (and possibly ever would be) capable of producing.

If the journeyman was accepted into the guild as a master, the guild would keep the masterpiece.

FINISHING is anything that takes places after you’ve finished writing, whether it relates to the revision, the subsequent drafts, the conversations with early readers or editors, or the formatting, packaging and promotion of a finished piece of work.

In medieval guilds, the “masterpiece” was the piece of work that a journeyman submitted to the guild for acceptance as a master.

a room for privacy or retirement; such a room as the place for private devotion; the place of private study or secluded speculation; a private repository for valuables or curiosities.

"If I were a piano player, I'd play it in the goddam closet." - Holden Caulfield. "He's been brainwashed by those education-types." Maybe.

You have done all of the above with a few areas that need strengthening (i.e.

developing scenes, deciding which sections of the story to slow down and expand and which to summarize, developing characters with detail and dialogue, weaving in the setting, etc.) The writing feels rushed or unfinished.


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