Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Essay

But with wine, you don’t get nearly as many chances to experiment with yeasts—you get one shot a year.At its most basic level, yeast is what turns grape juice into wine.Aging the wine on the remnant yeast lees—whether native or commercial—plays a continuing role in shaping the flavor components of wine.

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Rita Hills in 2014—are present throughout their fermentations.

“Sense of place is paramount for us,” says Hunken, “and for our new [estate] vineyard, fermenting with native yeast has set the baseline for what our terroir expression is.

In 2013 we moved into a winery facility that is all concrete.

We pressure-washed the floors and walls before harvest and set out to determine whether native yeasts coming off the vineyard were also finishing our fermentations.

In doing so, we use less sulfur dioxide, as the lees trap and then slowly release carbon dioxide, in turn contributing beautiful texture.

Our hope is that the yeasts and lees can take us one step closer to expressing as individual a Santa Barbara terroir as we can.

While commercial strains were present, ETS confirms, and I concur, that our fermentations are being driven by native Most of the time, wineries build up their own microflora, including yeasts and bacteria.

De Scenzo has seen wineries—ones that have never used commercial strains—ferment wines solely through populations of native yeasts that exist in the wineries.

Native yeasts were active all the way through the ferment, and 10 strains persisted through the whole fermentation process.

This is fascinating, given that most native species, like strains—similar to the commercial strains Lalvin R2 and CY3079—were identified but together represented only 10 percent of the yeast population.


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