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This is because your body doesn’t release its natural melatonin until later, in fact they don’t really feel tired before 11 PM (TEDtalks Director).Therefore, starting school later would allow time for teens to continue on the correct circadian rhythm, and let their natural melatonin increase at night.

High school students are waking up as early as six o’clock to begin their day. The unreasonable morning start times for schools work against the natural sleep patterns of teens.

Lack of sleep can result in decreased brain power, as well as an increased chance of mood disorders.

Did you know that 2017's budget is $69.4 billion dollars in discresionary funding, and $139.7 billion in mandatory f...

Kindergarten is a tough year for most parents and nearly all children. It is a well-known fact that you can go abroad for a year in university or college and, in fact, a lot of people do do that. High school seniors are dressed head to toe in their favorite state school merch, just to drop out a mere two months later.

Did you know, 73 percent of high school students get less than eight hours of sleep during weekdays (MMWR)?

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In fact, 43 percent get six or few hours each night (MMWR).

The recommended amount of sleep for middle school and high school students is between eight and a half and nine and a half hours (Richmond).

If only 27 percent of students are getting more than eight hours of sleep, something is definitely off.

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“Why School Should Start Later in the Morning.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 17 Aug. “Why School Should Start Later for Teens | Wendy Troxel.” You Tube, You Tube, 9 June 2017Looking at the budget of the 2017 School Year, I came across something interesting.


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