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That’s an awesome responsibility that should be taken with great care to inspire people to hope for more than they are.We only have one world, one humanity, one life, let’s make it a good one.

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Making us think, “Is that the future we want to live in?

” If not, then we’d better take action and change it. Those filled with hope and optimism of a world that’s better than the one we’re currently living in.

They challenge the paradigm of our world and what is and provoke us to think of a world and what could be.

Science Fiction empowers us to create a better future instead of thinking “there’s no hope” or passively watching as the world goes by.

So all science fiction stories that we’re familiar with have to be taken in the context with which they were written in order to see the whole picture.

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But basically science fiction is like a simulation of possible realities.You first have to start with Imagination which is the “What If? The world that you imagine where you ask, “What if this happened? ”Then after you introduce that concept and we’ve all bought into it, then the story with all its characters and setting and theme and structure unfolds from there and opens your mind to what could happen.And you want a good takeaway: What is the Question I want them to leave with? Maybe you don’t want to knock them over the head with a message of hope and goodness, but perhaps you want them to walk away with better questions than they started the journey with. Science Fiction can be grounded in science but can touch the mystical through myth.As Robert Mc Kee said in his keystone book Story: You want the reader to ask the question: How would this unfold if I was in the story?Thus science fiction is where metaphor is literalized. You start with the human experience and think of how it could be improved or made better.They’ll start to question where they are, where the world is, is this where thye want to be? The dreams of today, we will be doing in the future very shortly.All great stories allow the readers to see themselves in the story almost as if they ARE the character and are actively going through the events that your character is going through.From Utopia to Dystopia, the worlds that are built in today’s science fiction cause us to stop and think about a possible future we might inhabit one day and that we as a human race have a profound impact on what the future could and should be.Most stories are dystopian not because they want to spread doom and gloom to everyone but simply to warn the world that if we continue down a certain path, there are certain consequences if we don’t change our actions. Currently, he is a Principal Investigator for Nationwide Children’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics for The Ohio State University.He and his colleagues use next-generation DNA sequencing technologies to uncover the genetic basis of birth defects and rare pediatric disorders. Every fall, he disappears into the woods to pursue whitetail deer with bow and arrow.


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