Sophocles Vs Euripides Essay

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Depending on the configuration, the whole script has a theme.The classic Athenian tragedy performed at the open air theater is located outside the private domain of the family.

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In can be seen as a brilliant anti-tragedy, a work that questions the aesthetic assumptions of Greek drama.

In this work, he includes the happy conclusion of his original mythic source but leaves us knowing that the characters are undeserving of this happiness.

As one of the darkest and most disturbing of the Greek dramatists, Euripides questions authority, and, in his plays, he reveals a fascination with the oppressed, including women, barbarians, and slaves.

His complex representations of perverse, violent, and monstrous women demonstrate his interest in the role of women in society.

Sophocles' antigone acted after her brother, her uncle, Klien, who refused to burial the polynes.

In Aeschylus' Oststeia, Clytemnestra focused on Argos because her husband Agamemnon was fighting for 10 years at Troy.The three drama 'Agamemnon', 'The Liberator' and 'Eurman' constitute the trilogy The Oresteia.But one of the theater, Prometheus, may be a work of Efolion, actually a son of Eslius.It follows the change of Artus's house, the murder of Agamemnon from his wife Clytemnestra, and then the revenge and consequences of his son Orestes.The tragedy of Greek which is completely surviving usually comes from Aeschylus, Sophocles or Euripides.The Greeks finally won the war, but because of the conflict between King Aganamnon and the Achilles tendon, the result could be easily transferred. This story is a good example of how these simple emotions lead to tragedy. The "Oresteia" trilogy of ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus consists of three series "Agamemnon", "Liberator", "Eurman".Originally, the trilogy played at the Dionysys Festival held in Athens in 458 was awarded the 1st prize and was the last certification of Aeschylus.Sophocles 'antigon and Europeans reached the consensus of Esquilas' philosophy and psychology in the fifth century poetry and drama, the drama succeeded in stimulating the deep movement of the audience. The method and reason why readers are moved in texts are often asked.The concept of philosophy and psychology, peculiar to tragic work, is an important element in understanding the reasons for corresponding emotional excitement of classical tragedies in a similar way.Though his plays sometimes suffer from weak structure and wandering focus, he was the most innovative of the tragedians and reshaped the formal structure of Greek tragedy by focusing on strong female characters and an intelligent serving class.Although his contemporaries also depicted complex women (Aeschylus’ Clytemnestra and Cassandra; Sophocles’ Electra, Antigone, and Deianeira), Euripides concentrated on the interiority of his characters.


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