Special Education Inclusion Thesis

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However, the goal of inclusion is often not met by teachers.The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological study was to examine general education teachers' experiences in teaching of, and caring for children with disabilities, if they had no previous training in special education and inclusion issues.The participants were ten general education teachers in elementary schools located in rural and small-town environments in Georgia where inclusion policies have been implemented.

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By including all students as much as possible in general or regular education classes all students can learn to work cooperatively, learn to work with different kinds of people, and learn how to help people in tasks.

“As Stainback, Stainback, East, and Sapon-Shevin (1994) have noted, ‘..goal of inclusion in schools is to create a world in which all people are knowledgeable about and supportive of all other Aside from providing children with academic benefits, it provides them with a better understanding and respect for diversity.

Inclusion is the right for all students regardless of their background or disability and to be given an equal opportunity with non-disabled people in the society ” inclusion is a process of meshing general and special education reform initiative and strategies to achieve in order to achieve a unified system of public education that incorporates all children and youth as active, fully participating members of the school community, that views diversity as the and that achieve a high quality education for each student by assuring meaningful effective teaching, and necessary support for each student” (Ceri,1997, p.53) .

Including students with learning difficulties requires supporting them with the services they need to enable them to be included successfully in school.

Being in a setting with many different types of students with different needs and abilities provides students with a way to learn about differences and how they can help others.

In the Success For All study, results showed that the children involved in the study had “a reduced fear of human differences accompanied by increased comfort and awareness.” (Stout, 2001) If children are separated in the school because of their developmental differences then they will never truly learn that it is okay to be a unique individual.

For general education teachers, the main challenges were managing teacher conflicts as well as the probability that special education students may have trouble adjusting to the new setting.

Teachers must take ownership of the shift in process.

The inclusion of students with special needs in the general education classroom has been a major topic of discussion for many years.

Inclusion education means that all students are part of the school community, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses (“Sec. These students deserve to have full access to all resources and social interactions that are present in the general education classroom.


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