Stellar Nucleosynthesis R-Process

Stellar Nucleosynthesis R-Process-18
It proposes causality and feedbacks to explain relationships between components.In spite that there are many examples of complex systems in Astrophysics, the uses of System Dynamics in this area are not documented.

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Nearly sixty years after BBFH [1], it is very important to re-investigate neutron capture processes.

Since 1957 everybody has spoken about s-process and r-process, but how are these processes realized in fact? more Nearly sixty years after BBFH [1], it is very important to re-investigate neutron capture processes.

This is only possible when two stable nuclei are separated by an unstable nucleus.

At these places we investigated the neutron density required for equilibrium nucleosynthesis both isotopically and isotonically at temperatures of AGB interpulse and thermal pulse phases.

In this work the nuclei are identified by (Z, N), which allows reading out new information from the measured abundances.

Stellar Nucleosynthesis R-Process

We are interested in the neutron density required to reproduce the measured abundance of nuclei assuming equilibrium processes.

In the early 2000s it was possible to run such a simple network model on a computer.

In case of this model it was not necessary to exclude any nuclei from the neutron capture process arbitrarily.

We introduce a more expressive variant of branching ratio called partial formation rate.

With these we are capable of determining the characteristic neutron density values.


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