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Odds are, most of your students don’t understand the concept enough to perform on their own, so if you think about it, they will just be practicing the new skill incorrectly. Instead, give your students a nightly dose of review (include skills you’ve already fully taught) and maybe just one or two problems on the newest skill. Every student gets a different level of support at home with their work.

It is safe to say that it is not fair to penalize a student for not having a parent who can answer questions and help them correct mistakes.

My next 4 tips are going to explain more about how to do this. You don’t have time to spend each morning asking each student to show you their homework. They aren’t checking for correctness, just completion. By doing this, I save lots of time and still use my homework effectively. Starting the first day of school, I explain that there is no penalty for getting a problem wrong and that there is only a penalty if they don’t try!

This saves me time and my sanity during my morning routine. (NOTE: I do check homework more closely during small group instruction and use it as a learning tool). Before the day begins, I project the answer key up on the front board (zooming in on the day we are focusing on) for my students to check their work for accuracy. I explain that I expect them to always do their best and that homework is simply a tool for them to use to monitor their own learning.

No student ever says, “I wish my teacher would assign me more homework.” Most students begrudge homework and find any opportunity or possible excuse to avoid doing it. Many teachers assign daily homework seeing it as a way to further develop and reinforce core academic skills, while also teaching students responsibility.

Other educators refrain from assigning daily homework.Managing homework is definitely something that many teachers struggle with. Try not to jump all over the place and pull random worksheets out. I NEVER give my students homework on something I just taught them. There should never be the question on “What is our homework tonight? The BEST way to keep your routine consistent is to pick a resource to use for your homework for each subject and stick with it. It is very consistent and everyone knows what to expect!They view it as unnecessary overkill that often leads to frustration and causes students to resent school and learning altogether.Parents are also divided on whether or not they welcome homework.They are now responsible for completing their missed homework and whatever morning work is expected of them.If the real goal is to get them to do the work, this accomplishes that goal without the stress of calling home.As I scroll down the answer sheet, my students ask me questions and we go over anything they are having trouble with. If they are having trouble with a problem, this is their opportunity to get more help because they are more than likely going to see a similar problem on the next night’s homework. Use homework to help you monitor your students’ progress and see what they still need to work on.This attitude towards homework has helped my students understand its necessity and promotes them to use this time to ask for help. Although I do not check every student’s homework, I do ask them to bring it to small groups and we do use it as a learning tool if necessary.A lot of times, students care more about this kind of consequence than they do about sitting out or working through lunch.As soon as I know their work is not with them, I call home.


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