Telemachus Maturity Essay

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Although he speaks well at the meeting and impresses some of the elders, the leading suitors (Antinous and Eurymachus) show no respect for either Telemachus or his mother, Queen Penelope, and little is accomplished.Athena senses danger and manages for the prince to visit two foreign kings who are old comrades of his father: Nestor of Pylos and Menelaus of Sparta. Athena, disguised as Mentor, guides and instructs him. Nestor reinforces in the prince a respect for loyalty and devotion.Throughout the story, readers see Telemachus transform from a worried boy into a brave man.

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Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Most people know of Odysseus' journey home to Ithaca since he is the main character and the epic poem's namesake.But Odysseus' son, Telemachus, goes through his own journey to adulthood in the book.He does nothing at first, as his "heart [is] obsessed with grief" (book 1, line 134).He is sad, he misses his father, and he appears hopeless. As for giving orders, men will see to that, but I most of all: I hold the reins of power in this house" (book 1, lines 408–414). See to your feasting elsewhere" (book 1, lines 430–1).After all, it has only been a few years since he first realized what the suitors’ intentions were. Aside from improving his stature and bearing, she teaches him the responsibilities of a young prince. He confronts the suitors and denounces the abuse of his estate, and when Penelope and Eurycleia become anxious or upset, he does not shy away from taking control.Telemachus never fully matches his father’s talents, at least not by the Odyssey’s conclusion.Most people know of Odysseus' journey home to Ithaca since he is the main character and the epic poem's namesake.A lot of Telemachus's journey is featured in the first four books of the epic poem, and these four books are often called the Telemachy for this reason.The scene with the bow captures the endpoint of his development perfectly.He tries and tries to string it, and very nearly does, but not quite.


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